Controlled Imperfection   large product photo

I named this piece Controlled Imperfection because I got the basic shape of all of the buildings done with painter's tape, but then it looked too perfect so I went back and messed the edges up slightly with a sponge and some paint. Also, the windows were done with the painter's tape as well.

The second half of the meaning is purely based on relationships. The person who had me make the piece just found out their husband had been cheating on them for over a year and was leaving. In an effort to escape the drama, my friend went to Chicago (the city in the painting) for a weekend. Miraculously one month later my significant other and I parted ways. The issue is that both my friend and I are perfectionists and control freaks. When it comes to relationships you can't be either. Every single relationship that either one of us had been a part of could be defined as "Controlled Imperfection".

January 2011
36" x 48" Canvas
Acrylic, Oil and Spray Paint